Metal Roofing

metal roofing installation in yukon

Metal roofing has been used on all types of building projects. From low-slope to high-pitch roof systems, metal roof material is a popular choice. This type of roof material is sold by the sheet or available as shingles. Pros: Metal roofs are durable with a lifespan of up to 100 years. Main types consist of metal panels or sheet roofing, standing seam panels, and metal that mimics shake, shingle, slate, and roof tiles The favored type is the metal standing seam panel. Metal roof material is considered to be fire-resistant and lightweight. This type of roof material is treated to be rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Metal roof material may be installed over an existing roof. However for optimum results, experts suggest that removing old roof material works best.

Metal roofing is said to be insect resistant, mold resistant, and won’t crack or rot like wooden roof materials. Metal roof panels reflect heat and made to resemble wooden roof shingles. This low-maintenance type of roof system is made from recyclable materials. Metal roofing increases your property value. Cons: Metal roof material is more expensive than traditional roof shingles, Metal roofing necessitates professional installation. During intense wind and hail storms, falling tree limbs and pelting hail will severely dent a metal roof. Contacting a professional roof installation contractor is a smart decision. An expert opinion works well for selecting the correct type of metal roof material best suited for your home or business. ​

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